T.I. and Tiny Are Not Breaking Up

T.I. and Tiny

T.I. and Tiny are sticking together. Despite all the rumors, the superstar couple is not breaking up.

The Atlanta rapper tells TMZ that he and his wife of three years, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, are not headed for divorce.

Rumors of a separation circulated after T.I. was a no-show at Sunday’s Grammys. He and Tiny were seen attending the after parties separately.

However, T.I. admits that they had a big argument over the weekend. Tiny wanted to walk the Grammy red carpet and watch the show, but T.I. was not interested. He says they angrily challenged each other on who would end up having more fun that night, but made up the next morning.

Tip later posted a message on Instagram addressing the break-up rumors.

“Hell yeah… And shall remain solid. Thru & thru….Always!!!! God is great!!!! So I’m gon always be good. No matter how many lies are told. No matter how many stories are told & sold . I AM errrthing I say I AM. Head of MY FAMILY & Leader of MY TEAM!!!!Never gotta think twice bout how I’m doin….. #BetterthanU #trust #Facts #FamilyHustleorDie #hustlegangovererrrrthang”

The couple, who stars on VH1′s docu-series “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” have six children.

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  1. YoMansKeeper

    T.I. ain’t know once you feed a dog you can’t get rid of it?


  2. kate

    this bitch is fu.king ugly i am more prettier then her and i dont have husband and she has husband t.i. wow


    Wow Reply:

    @kate, it’s clear why you don’t have a husband. Really clear. You think that looks make you marriage material. Sorry sweetheart but looks only get someone interested enough to talk to you not marry you. And you SAY that you’re “more prettier” but you could really look like an apes ass. You do realize that looks fade right? So what’s going to keep him there? How’s your personality. Probably shitty ya shallow hoe. Are you educated? Can you hold a convo? Can you cook? Clean? How’s your hygiene? Are you loyal? What do you bring to the table? Nothing you say? Then you need to stop hating on someone else’s happy union and work on yourself. Maybe just maybe you can then find a man that’d want to marry your dizzy ass.


    Trueee Reply:

    @Wow, You said that!!! I’m tired of people saying this celebrity spouse is “too ugly” to be with who they’re with. Like you said, looks fade and Tiny will ALWAYS be beautiful on the inside. @kate, God bless whoever ends up with your pathetic ass.


  3. Tap

    I love T.I and Tiny!! @wow You told that dizzy beach, people are quick to say some B.S. and hide behind an IP but you can’t hide from your miserable self!!@katie Don’t spend all your time in the mirror, spread some of that idol time and work on that inside kid! Please let superhead(karrine Steffan) be a excellent example of how looks could get you the night of your life but not even the superhead could drive him to marry that beautiful hoe for life!! Ps #tinyisbeautifulhater


  4. Jshelby

    T.I and Tiny u guys make a good couple I just could not believe that this was happening I was just talking about the both of u. The way T.I. where in his kids life how he spend time with them but I see now that it is only in the T.V. show, Tiny you keep your head up u are not the first one this had happens to u get yourself together. (She will never compare to u) and with T.I u had everything right there why did u have to do something like this to her. I have lost all respect for u I look at u as a man that had his shit together and where there for his family’s and will set good example for his children’s u wanted miss your well until it ran dry, the grass on the other side is not as green as u think. Tiny u keep looking up everything will be ok u will be in my pray.


  5. izetta lewis



  6. Tweet

    Man for real- I am so sick of people bashing Tiny-she is a beautiful woman- inside & out! There is a certain light in her that just shines through & those of you that can’t see it, you’re in the dark-maybe you should pull your head out your ass so you can see her light. I want to thank Tiny & T.I. both- her for the sacrifice of her husband & him for his musical talent that he shares with the rest of us. Some of us rely on his music (poetry) to keep us going. Lord knows there have been many days I’ve listened to your words TIP & I just shake my head & say “Yep-he knows what I’m going through-thank you Jesus I am not alone”. You are a beautiful couple & I pray God keeps you and your family together & that no man’s words will ever tear apart what you two have put together. God bless you!


    Black Reply:

    @Tweet, why


  7. Moett

    I’m not a reality show person,but I truly love you guys show. Family is everything, and you two lead by example. I hope and pray you guys stay together. Sometimes the pressure of being always watched by others can cause confusion in a home. If you feel the pressure walk away don’t let it destroy what you two built


  8. Black

    Dam dam dam


  9. marie

    i love ti and tiny they are a great together ti u are a great father u are in your kids life u teach and show your kids the truth and real things about life u show your kids how to make money and show them how how real life is life is hard u show them how to care and respect things in life keep up the god work stay strong let noone tell u about your life your wife or kids u strong man u can handle your family keep up the great work ti and tiny love your show


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