Meek Mill Announces Sophomore Album Title

Meek Mill

The MMG machine can’t be stopped. With Rick Ross’ Mastermind in stores, Meek Mill has announced the title of his sophomore album.

Dreams Worth More Than Money, the follow-up to the Philly rapper’s 2012 debut Dreams and Nightmares, will arrive this summer.

“My new album coming this summer, Dreams Worth More Than Money,” Meek told REVOLT.

He has collaborated with Chris Brown, DJ Khaled, Timbaland, and Rita Ora, who appears on a song called “I’ma Ride.”

“You can expect just quality music,” he told Rap-Up TV. “You know me, I’m a street rapper. I come with that street shit, so I’m just comin’ with that on another level right now and takin’ them to a different place.”

Watch him make the announcement below.

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  1. reillynicolas

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    Gon be a good street album, doubl M still on top


  3. reillynicolas

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  4. wallace hyman

    yes world need another meek milly classic


  5. I'm back

    “you know me. I’m a street rapper, I come with that street shit”

    Explanation: I’m gonna yell and babble about that life I never lived in the mean streets of Philly.

    Ne-Gro please *Nas Voice*



    Waiting for this new meek album, he could make more songs like he did on dreamchasers 1 & 2.


  7. philliesgrandslam

    First off how you know what he did. You know how big Philly is? Life here can turn in the blink of an eye. So stop being stupid with your statement. Meek knows Philly from the picture he transmits to his music. I am born and raised Philly girl. From North Philly to South Philly. He is young and will evolve has he gets older. Everyone has a story to be told so stop being ignorant. He is a story teller, just cause you cant relate stop with the negativity. It makes you look dumb not him. He is making his money. What you doing other than internet bullying. smh.


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