Sevyn Streeter Performs ‘It Won’t Stop’ on ‘Arsenio’

Sevyn Streeter

After welcoming Prince and Kanye West, Arsenio Hall kicked off the week with a sizzling performance from Sevyn Streeter.

Rocking a number “7″ chain, the singer-songwriter made her late-night debut, performing her Call Me Crazy, But… single “It Won’t Stop” with a live band. During the intimate number, she made her way into the audience, serenading one lucky man with her smooth hit, which was recently certified gold.

Peep Sevyn’s seductive set below.

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  1. Fr3sh P

    Now for people who know me know I LOVE me some SEVYN STREETER….but idk how I feel bout this performance..still by baby tho lol


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @Fr3sh P, She needs to perform Call Me Crazy, that joint is fire. And with some crazy live horns? Yes ma’am. Better yet, regroup with Richgirl.


    from france Reply:

    @Mandela Barb, yes best rnb song of the year


  2. dave

    this was all over the place…what was up with this.





    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @JFREEDOM_, Not really, is this your first time seeing her? How you gonna expose your ass as a ratchet thot like that. Girl bye.


    Formerly From Tokyo Reply:

    @Mandela Barb, You are nothing BUT ratchet. Girl bye.


  4. chris

    I think the performance wasn’t up to scratch is because the song is in a very low key that you need to be still to maintain but she wanted to dance so she raised the key but she couldn’t reach it. Thus resulting in shaking vocals and several key changes lol.

    But when recording a song you know is going to be a single these artists need to remember they are going to have to sing the song live so they need to make it easier for themselves.


  5. Kelly

    Fucking horrible.


  6. @AveryVenture

    Is she sick or high? If she always performs like this, I understand why she never became a sensation.


  7. Tj



  8. freak

    She ain’t no Brandy!
    But at least she was not pre-recorded like some people’s ”queen”!


    Oh Reply:

    @freak, prerecorded but it’s her voice & the Queen says ON KEY!


  9. Mystery

    She was better in RichGirl.


  10. Ro

    Omg she was stressing me out!!! She is usually so good live, it is one of the reasons I love this girl, so talented. But this performance, I feel like she started off nervous and wasnt able to get over it even if she clearly tried. I Think the more you realize you’e not sounding great while performing, it kinda makes it worse all the way through the perf.

    Well every talented artist has its so-so performance moments.

    Go Sevyn!



  11. Constructive criticism

    Yeah that was pretty bad. Vocally all over the place she needs to work on her live performances for sure


  12. Mao_the_cat

    no it wasn’t bad… she just changed the melody a bit, i love her vibratto


  13. Your Thoughts, My Words!

    I think she was a bit nervous because she was so used to doing it in a group! Btw, why are all these new singers biting Rihanna’s style or swag? I mean Sevyn is beautiful and her own woman but her style and the way she sing reminds me a lot of Rihanna and the same goes for Miley Cyrus!


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