Keyshia Cole Blasts Radio Station After ‘Wifey’ Comment

Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole came close to slapping a bitch like Rick James after a radio interview went awry.

The outspoken singer called into V103 Atlanta’s “The Ryan Cameron Morning Show” on Monday to promote her new singles “Rick James” and “Next Time.”

She fielded questions about her relationship with estranged husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, but things took a turn for the worse when host Wanda Smith asked her is she felt like “wifey material.” Keysh wasn’t having it and cut her off.

“Ya’ll really fu**ing with my shit right now,” she responded. “I got some other shit going on.”

Wanda tried to explain her question, but it was too late. “Are you trying to insinuate that I was one-dimensional?” asked Keyshia, later adding, “Now I’m ready to smack a bitch.”

Before ending their call, Cameron invited her down to the studio to play her album, but she was clearly not interested. “I’m not dealing with you, you crazy,” snapped Keyshia.

Once she got off air, she took to Twitter to put the radio station on blast. “Y’all can kiss my ass! With that phony shit. … Y’all should be ashamed of ya selves! Not cool. Never another interview from me!” said Keyshia.

“I’m done wit interviews for a minute! That interview with V103 left a very bad taste. And to be honest, I don’t deserve that kinda treatment.”

Listen to the heated conversation below.

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  1. DRB

    Grow up and do your job.


    DRB Reply:

    @DRB, To clarify, directed to Keyshia.


    Marleyboi24 Reply:

    Keyshia Cole will be fine. This interview definitely have checking for her. Mary J. Blige is the same way she will bring the good out when necessary. A lot of these comments r hating Azz fake pimp. She has God on her side and I can’t wait until she shares more of her ballads because her music has did things for my life. I support her 100. #turndown4what


  2. Mao_the_cat

    Keyshia can never let the hood go… she will always be a hood rat LOL


  3. DRB

    Listening to the interview, someone (publicist and or manager) didn’t do their job to begin with. This entire interview shouldn’t have been about her relationship if that’s not what she wanted to talk about.

    The interviewer wasn’t even out of line or coming from a shady place. It was an honest question that a lot of women deal with. Answer the question and move on. Or don’t answer it. Either way, you should be able to steer the conversation.


    Manuel Mexico Reply:

    @DRB, I still believe it was an inappropriate question to ask. Perhaps it should have been worded a little differently. To be honest, no one wants the performance of their job questioned or criticized by the general public, especially if that job is being a mother and a wife to someone you’ve been in a relationship with for 5 years.


  4. Celly

    The problem is the public fails to realize that “celebrities” are humans as well. That subject is clearly touchy to KC so why keep drowning her with your mediocre questions? Have a little respect, V103 needs to take some tips from The Breakfast Club. Clearly she was feeling some type of way.


  5. 11

    She seemed a little irritated but in a jokingly way! If she was fired up, she probably would’ve hung up the phone


  6. Grant

    Lol, this flop will do anything to get her name in the news.


  7. Coolie J

    Ehh, she wasn’t as bad as this post made her out to be… If anything most of it sounded like playful banter between her and Ryan.

    Now Wanda Smith in general is so damn annoying, I wouldn’t mind if Keyshia slapped her forreal.


  8. bhud

    my thing is… then what’s ya album about??? you singing bout being all happy and in love?!?!


  9. 2bad2bme

    Keyshia seems like she is going through a lot right now. but if she gets through it and become wiser she will be a huge star #MaryJ.Blige status!


  10. MIMI

    She sounds like a fool. You have publicly stated you are separated. Make songs about slapping chicks and a cheating man. Then you expect to not be questioned about it? Gurllll Bye. She doesn’t sound like the veteran that she is. very embarrassing.


  11. GreenDreams

    Who cares……


    Bitches In Paris Reply:

    @GreenDreams, Obviously YOU . Isn’t that why you took the time out of your day to click on & then comment on something you don’t care about ?


  12. Marleyboi24

    Congrats Keyshia Cole! God Is supporting u! I can’t wait to hear ur ballads. U rock a ballad like Anita Baker and the Great Mary J. Blige .


  13. dee

    girl she should be happy a radio station even wanted to talk to her LOL


  14. cold

    Tbh, I dont think this went bad I mean she’s human and them questions are getting irritated like she done said a million times that they are not together and that they are co parenting smh if you got a human brain you would toatlly understand where she come from, as soon as she go off people gotta call her ghetto and shit like that smh


  15. Deejay

    Why do these artists think that they’re hurting anyone else’s pockets but their own when they decide not to do interviews anymore?
    The radio station won’t be effected by it dumb ass.
    YOU’RE the one with the album coming out, so YOURE the one who needs the interviews to promote it.
    I’m sure the radio station is quite unbothered and they will still be fine with out a damn keyshia cole interview.
    Her career on the other hand??? Not so much.


    d Reply:

    @Deejay, PREACH PREACH PREACH!!!!!!


  16. Lj

    She’s high as hell!! Lol


    Manuel Mexico Reply:

    @Lj, Naw. Just sleep. Lol. She was in the studio late, and the radio station was 3 hours ahead of her.


  17. tala

    These bitches come out of nowhere, scream a bit, call it singing… and think they can sustain in this business!
    Hood , tasteless, trashy and now willing or able to change to what this business requires, they can’t deal with realities nor the ”fame”.
    Bi&%$ if you can’t take the heat then stay at home!
    Has any of you ever seen Mariah, Madonna, Janet, Aretha, Prince complain about the press, insult an interviewer?
    These basic bitches will never learn…
    Even Mary J Blige has been able to modify her behavior despite drugs and drama and 11 albums!!!!!!


  18. Martha McNeal

    Stop hating on KC an have some class she trying to support her family an make a living like everyone else HATER #Geraldine leave my girl KC alone


  19. Shar

    Her personal life shouldn’t be the issue.


  20. Chocogirl

    Wanda is irritating. Wifey material what the hell is a wifey I take that as you’re playing house never liked that term. The question not could have but should have been worded differently. Why is it always assumed that a women with a career have to give it up to be a stellar mother and wife. She got pissed because she knows the sacrifices that she made for her marriage and child and to be attacked and asked such an asinine question was not fair. It could have been his fault why they broke up why come for her womanhood like she wasn’t a good enough wife.


  21. Deborah


    You are going to be okay! I will always be very supportive!

    God Bless You!


  22. meek

    Leave keyshia alone she just like the rest of us going threw life but just with fame in money people go threw ups in downs fuck them haters keyshia keep it moveing on these hoes


  23. Straightshooter

    Wanda sounds ignorant and stupid. What woman refers to another professional woman that way??! Being “wifey material” applies to the woman who can’t provide for herself and needs a provider, in return she is required to cook, clean, take care of the kids, and sex him all the time, and anytime. Can women ever get any support, at least from other women. Marginalizing other women like they aren’t domestic enough is an insult to an established woman. Hell, he’s a NBA player and she’s an entertainer, can’t imagine anyone envisioned KC with an apron on every day baking cookies, but she obviously balanced well enough because he married her. People be real! Wanda try embracing some degree of sisterhood.


  24. Tbozfan10

    To be completely honest tho she should be glad she is still getting chances to do interviews at this point.


  25. Donnei

    I heard the interview and lemme say Keyshia, you handled yourself well!!!! I honestly agree with Wanda insinuating that Keyshia had to have been one dimensional. If Keyshia felt as thought she wasn’t in a place to get married knowing she’s a an international recording artist then she wouldn’t have made that decision. Wanda could have honestly just asked if Keyshia’s career played a role in her marriage ending or something. Why wouldn’t Keyshia think she’s “wifey material?!” Wanda’s justification was dead wrong And then you see blogs saying she flipped out but in comparison to K.Michelle flipping out on the Rep from Bossip which was worse?!


  26. curt mcgirt

    East Oakland came up outta her like whaaaaat.


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