New Music: Carol Maraj – ‘God’s Been Good’

God's Been Good

While her daughter is slaying the competition with the Lil Herb-assisted “Chi-Raq,” Nicki Minaj’s mother Carol Maraj is launching her own musical career. The Trinidad & Tobago-bred Maraj debuts her contemporary gospel song “God’s Been Good,” which she released via Fame Star Records/MDM Music Group.

She praises the Almighty and sings about battling cancer and narrowly escaping a drive-by on the inspirational EDM-infused number.

“God’s been good and always been good,” declares Carol, who started the Carol Maraj Foundation to support domestic abuse victims.

Stream the uplifting song via Spotify below and purchase it on iTunes.

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  1. Bowtobey

    LMFAO at this mess


    adf Reply:


    fucking hate spotify


    thequeenishere Reply:

    @Bowtobey, I don’t know why you would hate on a gospel song…


    UMMM Reply:


    What does the song being Gospel have to do with a song being bad?
    Yall really have to stop using the word “hate” when it isnt what you think


  2. no.

    This ugly wench tried it trying to build a gospel music career of her daughters tap dancing, shuck ‘n jiving and general ho-ery. tuh.


    KENBARBUK Reply:



    So transparent smh


  3. Tamar

    Musically, I think this would better if it wasn’t so hip-hop sounding. It’s nice though. It has a good message and her voice does has a nice uniqueness to it.

    Even Nicki’s Mom is slaying.


    Bowtobey Reply:

    @Tamar, loooooooool lies


    Tamar Reply:

    @Bowtobey, It’s my opinion, get over yourself.


  4. OnikaCF

    Lauryn hill could never


  5. K




    Here for a collab on the ‘Pink Print’
    Soon-to-be Gospel Icon & Queen of Rap joining forces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    A Realist Reply:

    @KENBARBUK, Gorl…


  7. rapidcolon

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  8. lolz

    what a mess.


  9. SMH

    She’s singing about GOD! And ya’ll have the nerve to leave negative comments? How sinful. SMH.


    Beej Reply:

    @SMH, Just because it’s a gospel song doesn’t mean people automatically have to like it. Everyone is titled to their opinion.


  10. girlstop

    It does not matter what type of song it is…I respect it but dont like it.the song is a mess..


  11. F U

    Everyone doesn’t believe in your “GOD”. If people feel the song is bad they can express that. Stop trying to police the internet.


  12. katy perry

    this song is hot trash lmmfao


  13. Chyna Jones

    I love it


  14. Justin Timberlake

    Her mother looks better than Nicki lmao



    Buy on iTunes spotty? Bitch What OH NO yOU don’t want people to hear the song and laugh at your mother put that shit on sound cloud so i know its real


    2bad2bme Reply:

    @SHARLAYESHTIAYAH, lmao yall are killing me


  16. January

    shes singing a bible song over a bubble gum rap beat on the background.



  17. Javis

    Wasnt really feelin tha song but I like tha hustle n family grind.


  18. 2bad2bme

    they couldn’t get her in a legit studio? come on Nicki


  19. vgetat

    did someone have the lyrics ?? plz


  20. Hate To Be That Guy But..

    …one of her eyes are looking straight at me. The other is peering to the left.

    But good for her and her endeavors. I blame the photographer.


  21. Bitches In Paris

    LMAO FUCK THIS GARBAGE ! Gospel or not it’s whack lmao . I hate gospel music anyways but this was a no from me . *Simon’s voice*


  22. Keyshia &Nicki

    i love it why yall hating


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