New Music: Iggy Azalea f/ Rita Ora – ‘Black Widow’

The New Classic

Love hurts. Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora are a deadly duo on “Black Widow” off the Aussie rapper’s debut The New Classic. The blonde bombshells get revenge on the dark love song, co-written by Katy Perry and produced by Benny Blanco and Stargate.

“I’m gonna love you until you hate me / And I’m gonna show ya what’s really crazy / You should’ve known better than to mess with me harder,” sings Rita over the trap beat.

Iggy’s album arrives Tuesday featuring collaborations with T.I., Mavado, and Watch the Duck.

She is also featured on Ariana Grande’s new single “Problem” and will kick off her tour on April 23 in Boston.

Get caught up in their tangled web.

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  1. Oh

    I-G-G-Y IS Slaying These Hoes #TheNewClassic BITCHES STEP UR GAME UP


    Frijoles refritos Reply:

    @Oh, I could’ve sworn you said she was wack….. Get your life together


    @AveryVenture Reply:


    Iggy girl, if you’re reading this please have your team reach out to me so we can actually write you some good material I.e. Choruses and hooks


  2. jovannah

    go iggy!!


  3. EdgarC

    WOW, this is dope!


  4. mumi

    Wow this has a fucking hit potential!


  5. EveRyder

    Iggy went in on this……..her flow was crazy and rita sang the hell lutta that hook. I’m ready for That new classic album next Tuesday!!


    EveRyder Reply:

    @EveRyder, *outta


  6. You Mad?

    Love it!


  7. lmaoAtHaters

    Love it! I am so proud of I-GG-Y!


  8. bobs

    These last two singles really made up for the crusty turds that were WORK and BOUNCE.



    This is hit worthy to the fullest though. Iggy did her thing she went off on the second verse. Rita Ora played her part well in this song to. The beat knocks like crazy! This is the total package right here. Who dat, Who dat, I-G-G-Y Who day, Who dat, I-G-G-Y



    Dark Horse 2.0!!!!
    Been on repeat since yesterday.
    Rita was serving.
    The ending was lacklustre which was my only con. [ towards Rita]


    KENBARBUK Reply:

    Iggy was good.



    STOP hyping this commercial crap up!

    If nicki made this song y’all would slay her!





    troof Reply:

    @KINGOFRAP, iggy got you shook


    Tami Roman Beer Bottle Hidden Under Shaunie Bed Reply:

    @KINGOFRAP, did you say commercial crap hmm like Your Love, Super Bass, Check It Out, Right Through Me, Starships, Turn Me On and the list goes on. Dont be mad cause another female rapper is bringing it and gaining commercial success your fav did it



    My nigg Iggy stay slayin tho, love Rita on this too


    Cherryfalls Reply:

    @MMG-SUEDE, My nigg Iggy? You straight trippin.


  13. 2bad2bme

    listen to her words? so lame she will flop so hard


  14. paschal

    @2bad2bme, you are a hater, go and get a life! Iggy slayed it. I knew she will, this track is so dope.


  15. rexhi



  16. Ice

    Just noticed she got a Shabba Ranks vibe going on for the album cover, lol.


  17. DON

    Pop beat and rap.. I wonder who she got that formula from? “My career’s been the Pink Print….”


  18. bijan

    I like the song but I wish she would have had someone other than rita ora singing


  19. plastic

    Her beats and production is great her flow and lyrics is trash omg done giving new girls a chance where’s onika chi raq


  20. Troy

    This slays and has hit potential all over it Iggy ain’t playing .


  21. ThirstyHoe

    Iggy is slaying these Hoe with no hesitation.!! This is such a bomb ass song.! All of her songs are dope ass fuck, but this one is just perf.!! KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO IGGY.!! #thenewclassic


  22. no angel

    i don’t like Iggy flow it doesn’t sound real to me and thats just MY OPINION.


  23. Formerly From Tokyo

    I’m not even going to read other comments.

    I came to say Ignorant Art >>>>>>> The New Classic.

    I appreciate her transparency how the label controls her image, though, and it’s obvious in TNC – pop splashed everywhere w/them having her singing, riding that hip-pop line. The irony is that Ignorant Art, which was free, is material worth paying for. Her delivery isn’t even the same; the fire is gone. I guess her free music is what I need to keep checking for.

    The industry really is controlling what people think genres are.


    Formerly From Tokyo Reply:

    @Formerly From Tokyo, Also, Glory >>>>>>> TNC.

    So commercial and manufactured. Very disappointing.


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