Kendrick Lamar Covers ‘California Love’ at iHeartRadio Music Awards

Kendrick Lamar

Ain’t no party like a West Coast party. Kendrick Lamar brought Compton to the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Thursday. The TDE rapper paid tribute to his city and idols Tupac and Dr. Dre with a cover of their 1995 classic “California Love.”

He was also joined by 150 of his closest fans, who rocked TDE shirts as they stood alongside him on stage.

Watch K-Dot put it down for his city.

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  1. Rihanna

    Why he always trying to copy Nicki Minaj? Like why everybody trying to go natural because of our fav? Really Kendrick? You got nothing on Tupac tbh so sit sir


    slyboi Reply:

    @Rihanna, you’re delusional…


    thedon Reply:

    @Rihanna, Nicki is trash man gtfoh


  2. olle

    what is this problem get for wish full thinking like a meth thing like the THIS DUDE HAVE NOT ANY THING TO DO WITH ME REMBER HE SAY THE WHITE CAR CRASHING REMEBER FOLKS …. NATO GOD?


  3. shawnn

    excuse my arrogance but, i can see in Rihanna’s eyes she wants drake to be a MAN like kendrick


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