Lil’ Kim Celebrates Royal Baby Shower

Mr. Papers, Lil' Kim, and David Tutera

The pink carpet rolled out for Lil’ Kim at her royal baby shower in New York on Saturday. Hosted by party planner David Tutera, the lavish affair was held at Broad Street Ballroom and featured light-up trees, a bee hive-shaped cake, and a dance floor.

The mom-to-be, who is expecting a baby girl, was joined by her friends and family including her brother, LisaRaye, Juelz Santana, Kimbella, Sandra “Pepa” Denton, and more.

Kim and her baby daddy, Mr. Papers, made a royal entrance to the sound of trumpeters, while guests came bearing gifts from Tiffany & Co., Petit Tresor, Bel Bambini, and Babies”R”Us.

Mr. Papers surprised his Queen Bee with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van to transport her bundle of joy. “I’m officially a soccer mom!” said Kim.

According to her baby shower registry, her little girl is due June 15.

Footage from the baby shower will air during the premiere of “David Tutera’s CELEBrations” on August 1 at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

Photo credit: Splash News

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  1. Felipe

    Ewwww, she’s so fucking ugly. LMFAOOOO


    Teamlilkim Reply:

    @Felipe, shut da phuck. Kim looks nice. You just a hater!



    @Felipe, You need Jesus.


    bard727 Reply:


    Shes a grot & an ugly mole


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @Felipe, I find it incredible that of the many men the Kim has been with, she chooses him..


  2. QB always

    Queen Bee LIL KIM!!!!!!!!!!! Eat it up & don’t forget to watch it Aug 1 haters, cuz i know y’all keep checkin for kim


  3. Sean

    She’s not glowing at all .. Why she do that to herself kim was fine the way she was.


    Ro Reply:

    @Sean, shut up … Get over it !


    CaribbeanBoi Reply:

    @Ro, thumps up!


  4. Um

    *Throws up in mouth at third picture*
    It’s sad.. Just imagine how beautiful she would be if she didn’t have all that plastic surgery. Back-Then Lil Kim was sexy as hell! Now she looks like a pile of rocks with foundation.


  5. Um



    EVEryder Reply:

    @Um, gtfo out of here with your weak ass rap lines. Nickis dad just have burn her and her man in the house :)


  6. Bowtobey

    Yess the queen of hiphop is glowing!! Congrats jimmy!!


    Bowtobey Reply:

    @Bowtobey, kimmy*


  7. EVEryder

    I love kim. She looks super cute. Wish missy and eve was there.


  8. Blancostreetteam

    Love qb so much :)))) Hope she finds happiness with her daughter


  9. Hov

    everyone there looks like a mess rofl



    Happy Mother’s day Kim!


  11. brooklyn

    Awwww, kimberly looks great. god bless her !!! and stop hating….some of u ppl need a Life !


  12. YMCMinaj

    I give “Mr.Papers” a minute before his “paper” runs out and she leaves his ass lol

    This relationship will be over by the end of the summer!


  13. MCA



    Face Reply:

    @MCA, And how is that a funny or bad thing that a TV station paid for her baby shower? We all knows she isn’t broke b/c she stays in labels, on marquees and at the clubs for appearances..


  14. lolz

    when kims baby shower made more buzz than any of sicki weak fake studio gangster shit the haterz are always on the offensive move.


    nicko Reply:

    @lolz, why r u so delusional ? Yasss bish dropped 1 week ago n already has 1M views on YT + 1.4M plays on souncloud n its not even a single. As for kim.. nobody talked about her baby shower. Poor flop:-/


  15. A Realist

    Ooh he cute.


  16. bobs

    looks like a Munsters reunion with the original cast.


  17. mon88

    well good luck lil kim she looks very happy.


  18. Beesting

    So sad how ppl can hate on her during a time like this it’s a pregnancy y’all fags are sad if u a nicki fan so be it but y’all take it way too far! Kim fans are gay nicki fans are FAGS! Big difference now deal! Love u kim


  19. USHypocrisy.con

    What?!! Lil’ Kim is pregnant?! I haven’t heard anything about it! Congrats. Since when has she been preg?


  20. how to concieve a baby girl

    how to concieve a baby girl || Lil’ Kim Celebrates Royal Baby Shower

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