Video: Trey Songz – ‘Foreign’ [Trailer]

Trey Songz

Girls, girls, girls. Trey Songz shares his love for all things “Foreign” in the eye candy-filled trailer for his latest video. The R&B heartthrob gets up close with some exotic beauties in the car and at the club in the 50-second clip.

His sixth album Trigga is due July 1 featuring the songs “Na Na,” “SmartPhones,” and “Change Your Mind.”

Feast your eyes on the parade of women.

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  1. Shay-Dee.

    No offense but all of Trey’ s music is starting to be the same formula: pretty women. Will he ever make a album that is meaningful?


    wonderland19 Reply:

    @Shay-Dee., Don’t think so. This guy stays making the same old music.


  2. kayt

    the black chick looked the prettiest….and yh man trey getting boring now he needs to take a break…his face is boring so r videos n music


  3. coolness

    Smh, Trey, this is is not cutting it. The song is same old and so is the video. Some parts of the snippet remind of his own past videos (can’t place my finger on them now) and Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty. Isn’t he gonna be 30 this year?! I need him and these other R&B ninjas too step their game up!


    coolness Reply:

    @coolness, *to


  4. Vee

    I’ve been a huge trey fan but all these new songs have really been boring me disappointed in this project so far.


  5. truth

    lol all the bitter black girls mad trey diggin the sexy exotic girls go put your shower caps over your nappy hair and stop hating hahahah


    *keisha* Reply:

    @truth, you sound soooooo ignorant right now that its disgusting !!!!!


  6. *Phiphi

    Y’all need to stop hating when u know nothing… There are other songs like #Smartphone which is a sweet RnB song.. And it’s ur problem if ur insecure when u watch em and he calls u’s actually good that he has a song for us beautiful non-American.. :-)


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