New Music: Ne-Yo f/ Jeezy – ‘Money Can’t Buy’

Money Can't Buy

Ne-Yo gets back to his R&B roots on his new single “Money Can’t Buy.” On the breezy summer jam, the R&B gentleman sings the praises of his one-of-a-kind lady, who’s not interested in materialistic things, while Jeezy gets his grown man on.

According to ESSENCE, the song will appear on Ne-Yo’s upcoming sixth album Non Fiction, due September 30.

The follow-up to 2012′s R.E.D. is also expected to feature collaborations with T.I. and Trey Songz.

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  1. Aston Peirce

    This is straight garbage, he better scrap it and say it’s a promotional single. Knowing this car he’ll put it on the album


  2. Major Sushi

    It’s actually okay. But it needs a female vocalist in it.


  3. soulwoman

    he needs some new producers, because like this, its no hit


  4. AceDaProdigy

    Idgaf what ppl think. This single was very impressive and is a message saying this album is going to be my best yet. Watch out for Neyo in September.


  5. Rob

    This is garbage. This dude needs to stop trying to be like Usher. First he releases a single in the same time like him and then he announces his album for Septemeber and now he makes a record with Young Jeezy like Usher did on his album… girl bye.


    coolness Reply:

    @Rob, I thought Usher was going to be on Jeezy’s album not the other way around. Lol, Ne-Yo is talented but I don’t think he tries to be like Usher. I guess it’s just that he never had a lane the way Usher does so it comes across as him ‘copying’.


  6. KayeV

    this sounds dated ..


  7. Juize

    Uhh.. Sounds like every other NeYo song. Nothing bad, nothing special.


  8. freshed

    sonically reminds me of “Leave You Alone” the Jeezy record


  9. Brittney

    I can’t believe yall don’t like this!! This is great. I’m glad he’s finally getting back to r&b.


  10. Yolda Dei fpdyah dez

    nice song it would of be better to do a remix with a female


  11. Cadillac Geez

    Man, yawl jokers trippin. This track goes HARD… This is why Ne-Yo has been my fav R&B male artist cause always gives me tough ass songs… The most consistent R&B dude…


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