Ab-Soul Reveals ‘These Days…’ Album Cover, Release Date

These Days...

Ab-Soul saves. After much anticipation, the TDE rapper has revealed the cover art for his album These Days… and announced a release date of June 24. The striking artwork depicts him as Jesus, sitting in front of a wooden cross covered in blood and wearing a crown of thorns.

He has also released a visual to accompany his song “Stigmata” featuring Action Bronson and Asaad. In the controversial clip, directed by Dave Free & APLUS FILMZ, he carries a cross while walking through the desert.

Watch the religious and powerful imagery below.

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  1. Quest

    There is seriously something wrong with these rappers. First Kanye says “the media crucify me like they did Christ” and now this guy fashions himself as Jesus on the cover of an album that will no doubt be filled with nothing but profanity, repeated uses of the very racial slur we hate to hear whites say, glorification of the thug lifestyle and all forms of degrading content towards women.


    few Reply:

    @Quest, 2pac started the jesus comparison where was your outrage then?


    jorge Reply:

    @few, agreed lol It’s not like they were dissing God lol If you don’t like it then turn the other cheek. I’m Christian and you can image Christ. Only God can judge smh


    what Reply:

    @Quest, F*** Jesus


    Chris Reply:

    @Quest, You dont listen to lyrics then man. He is one of the realest rappers out right now. He actually speaks a message and tries to enlighten. Its not all swag and thuggin man. Open your ears and more importantly open your mind. You speak ignorance my friend. Your still living in the 50′s and 60′s.


    eoiny Reply:

    @Quest, that is so ignorant


    ChB Reply:

    @Quest, If you think Ab-Soul is another wannabe gangster rapper, then you have no right to comment on this album. What is being said in the imagery and the song is not that he is Jesus; it’s that the focus of the Church had changed. The quote at the end was originally stated by Leonard Ravenhill, who is an English Christian Evangelist. He is best known for challenging the modern church. Conscious rap is on another level from gangster rap; you can’t receive it the same way. Conscious rap, especially TDE, carries stories, messages, and real life experiences, you have to listen to the lyrics and the words being stated. I hate when people have the nerve to make comments on things they don’t understand. Listen to the song, break it down and then go to RapGenius. The artists break down the meanings of their songs. You might learn something about more modern rappers. It’s not about blasphemy but reform.


  2. kate

    bcuz he is god


  3. BlkMoses

    Everybody thinks tht they is Jesus our think of them self as a higher power like a god Thts y u see theses imagines but people dnt kno is Jesus was not a Christian he was a man the jus tault the regligion


  4. NamorRoman

    What compelled that idiot to shoot such a truly reprehensible album cover?


  5. rasan82

    Well for those of you that don’t listen to his music, this is a metaphor. As in we are living in the last days. If you check his music you probable would get it.


  6. Mrunhateable

    I wouldn’t mind if the video didn’t suck


  7. Nick Wright

    If this had sometehing to do with allah,Ab-Soul would be dead.i’m a christian and i don’t support violence in any way,but i hate blasphemy and as hard as is it to admit our faith is not as strong as the muslims and i’m not talking about being fanatic,we have to make it clear to artist in general that you can not use the Bible to promote your garbage


  8. Andy

    this uneducated negros always with their extremely disrespectful trash for more promo. LEAVE PLEASE


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