Video: Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Your Love’

Nicole Scherzinger

Just in time for summer, Nicole Scherzinger turns up the temperature in the video for “Your Love.” The bikini-clad bombshell shows off her banging body as she parades up and down the beach in the Dawn Shadforth-directed clip, which was shot in Malibu. While the sun sets, the Hawaiian hottie dances around a bonfire to the tribal rhythm.

The former Pussycat Doll has signed with RCA Records and is working with The-Dream and Tricky Stewart on her upcoming album.

“For the first time in my career I feel like this album is me, it’s real,” she said. “It’s a very personal album for me. It is a reflection of the woman I am, the woman I am not, and the woman I want to be.”

See Nicole sizzle in the sand.

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  1. tina

    wow that was really good, love her


  2. Thiago

    HOT! HOT! HOT!

    Love the Tribal Dance, actually loved all her moves.

    Such a fresh-light-bright summer track!


  3. Blah

    Song’s grown on me, but the video is so boring.

    We know she can dance her ass off so why doesn’t she?


  4. freak

    Best body in a video ever (after Madonna )!
    Beautifully trained , healthy looking and toned!
    Ah mazing butt!


  5. Kyle

    She looks amazing in this video. I think this is definitely one of her better songs; if not the BEST.


  6. Vance

    I love Nicole and feel this song is better than anything she’s released since … anyway, it’s just a shame her voice isn’t being used on more meaningful lyrics and in a different genre. Funny how she always sings with her acts and shows them up on covers but plays herself when it comes to her own tracks smh.


  7. LaMont

    Nicole Scherzinger is so sexy! I’m lovin’ this video and song. I hope her album actually comes out this time.


  8. Major Sushi

    I LOVE IT! My booty is popping, so it’s a like :D


  9. Usher

    My Queen is so hot and beautiful


  10. Killer Lover

    She Deserve All The Success In The WORLD!!!
    Do Release The Song World Wide Though!!!


  11. [email protected]

    She’s so damn pretty.. i’d just listen to the song just to see her face.. over and over.


  12. JD

    Video’s ok, shame about the song.


  13. infamous

    Hottest chick alive. Oh and I love the song and video.


  14. High_Price

    Beautiful Girl…. Something about her just makes me think of Jennifer Lopez…. The lame she wants seems crowded in my opinion… I dont think her solo attempt will be as successful as her reign with the PCD’s … Her Vocals are very basic… the song is bigger then her.. Give this same song to Rihanna and it would be The biggest hit of the Decade… now lets see how fast we forget about this….Sad but soooo true!


  15. g

    lewis, u lucky fucker.


  16. g

    lewis u lucky mofo


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