New Music: Trina – ‘The Worst (Freestyle)’


Trina spoke her mind on her remix to K Camp’s “Cut Her Off,” but she’s not done. The Baddest Bitch airs out her ex and his new girl once again on her freestyle to Jhené Aiko’s “The Worst.”

“Thought you was my lover, thought it’d never end / That’s what I get for tryna turn boys into men,” she raps. “Thought you had a queen, but you lost one / What a dumb bum, boy you lost one / Now you lookin’ sick like you lost some / Fuckin’ with that basic ass bitch, now the top’s gone.”

Feel Trina’s wrath.

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  1. trinbean

    lol how she let khloe take french from her


  2. StillDaBaddest

    French who? Hahahahaha *Trina laugh*


  3. Bitches In Paris

    NO. JUST NO. She sounds so bitter. How you let diaper booty Khloe ass take your man? LMAO.


  4. TeamTrina

    French is looking for a come up…. that’s the only reason he’s with that man Khloe. Trina’s definitely not pressed…on to the NEXT!



    KHLOE >>>> TRINA


  6. Bankz

    Trina is more of a woman than Khloe could ever be


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