T.I. to Azealia Banks: ‘Leave My Family Alone’

Azealia Banks and T.I.

T.I. will do whatever it takes to protect his family. The Atlanta rapper has issued a stern warning to Azealia Banks following their feud.

TMZ caught up with Tip on the streets of New York on Tuesday night and asked him about his beef with the “212″ rapper, who insulted his wife Tiny on Twitter.

“You can say what you want about me, but if you say something about my family, man, I’ma go at you and I’ma be relentless,” said Tip.

He threatened to get violent if she continues. “I chew your throat off your neck if I need to because I have an oath to honor and respect and maintain the honor and respect and integrity of my family. Anybody that violate that, I’m going.”

While he can handle himself, his family remains off limits. “Just leave me and my family alone,” said Tip. “You got a problem with me, say what you want to say about me. Leave my family out of it.”

But Banks did not back down. “But da whole industry knows ur a 40yr old man with kids who is living check 2 check because he can’t stay out of jail,” she tweeted on Wednesday, adding, “You’ll be back in Jail soon.”

“Speak with actions. #HustleGang,” tweeted Tip, while Banks told him to “suck a dick.”

Azealia vs. T.I.

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  1. stop it AB

    Yup, I’m with him on this. Azealia needs to stfu and worry about releasing that delayed album of hers and just make headlines for music instead of being a bully.


  2. Rob

    This b’tch needs to stfu. Girls like her offend and attack boys and then they wonder why they get treated like a man smh


  3. JFB

    This bitch’s career is DONE before it even gets started.


  4. Realistically

    I really think there is something wrong mentally with Azealia Banks. I really hope she gets some help for whatever it is she’s going through.

    As for TIP, the best thing he can do is just ignore all of it. Because right now, he’s exposing his weakness – and you should never do that. Now ANYBODY who wants a reaction out of him knows exactly what to do …

    Just take the Jay-Z & Beyonce route and rise above it. I’m sure it’s easier said than done, but it seems like the best thing to do as a celebrity.


  5. Kyle

    Azealia Banks has some balls. Wonder why she feels the need to keep doing this stuff? She’s clearly not a nice person. It will come back at her though if it hasn’t already. Her album was SO HYPED a couple years ago and people were really anticipating her. NOW though her buzz is completely gone and I feel like this is the reason.


    Hov Reply:

    @Kyle, she looks like she has balls


  6. RihComingforYourFav

    I love azealia. QUEEN OF BEEFS


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @RihComingforYourFav, Too bad that’s the only thing going for her– Music? What music?

    If she has time and energy to beef tweet, she has time to do it on a record.

    That is the difference between Azealia and Iggy.

    One’s album is already out, and has collabed with famous artists.

    But you know, Azealia. She has her twitter beef, and her fans convincing themselves that her album will be out by next-never.


  7. bowmos

    this ugly girl should thinking before open her mouth going against a legenr as T.I. is like ending her own career before it even start ……


  8. who is she

    who is this girl? i do not know a single song by her, she just trying to get her name out there by sad publicity stunts, what a crack whore



    I’m so confused as to WHY a grown ass man is entertaining her.


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @NEUTRON, I’m so confused as to WHY Azealia’s still doing this, without an album on her belt.


    IV. Reply:

    @NEUTRON, she disrespected that grown ass man’s wife. Like where are you trying to go with that?


  10. muthafucka

    OMFG this bitch look crayzeeeeeeee


  11. Me. My Album Sales Will Not Rise.

    Why is this camera guy sucking his scrotum so hard


  12. georgia23

    Bruh… Why would he even respond? It’s CLEAR that she’s just trying to get publicity. He should have just let the trollop be. Stop responding, stop talking about her. Her stock rose just because you responded. Sometimes you just have to let people and their antics roll off your back – especially when they’re trying to use you and your celebrity.


  13. Bibi

    Banks is irrelevant nobody really cares what shes upto, so to get attention she insults people who are established


  14. Speechless

    You have officially crossed the line by bringing his kids into this. His kids are richer than she is.


  15. mumi

    AZ coming. She’s coming very slowly but she’s coming.


    muthafucka Reply:

    yeah she’s coming to a McDonalds near you very soon. NO ONE will ever take this “artist” seriously again. She has blown it.

    She will spend all of her money and be broke in 5 years.


  16. livelovelaugh

    Azealia is pathetic. She needs to worry about getting her career off the ground and this so called album she been talking about releasing forever. All she does is start silly beefs with people, but can’t release a single. Just like TI said you can say what you want about him, but leave his family alone. She obviously trying to use any relevant artist for attention, and every time she fails. They need to just ignore this broad.


  17. Andy

    T.I. should have never responded. Azealia Banks is no worth a second of anybody


  18. Nick Wright

    No respect for elders this days


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