Tyga Drops Off ‘Under the Influence of Music’ Tour

Wiz Khalifa and Tyga

Tyga won’t be coming to a city near you this summer. The Last Kings rapper has dropped out of Wiz Khalifa’s “Under the Influence of Music” tour.

Wiz informed fans on Thursday, tweeting, “Tyga dropped off the tour. Sorry ya’ll.”

While Tyga is no longer on the bill, the rest of the lineup still remains including Jeezy, Ty Dolla $ign, Rich Homie Quan, Sage the Gemini, Mack Wilds, Iamsu!, and DJ Drama.

The 22-date trek kicks off July 24 in Scranton, Penn. and makes its way across the U.S. and Canada, wrapping August 24 at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, Calif.

It’s unclear exactly why Tyga canceled. He has been working on two projects, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty and Fan of a Fan with Chris Brown.

UPDATE: Tyga has confirmed that he will no longer be on the tour due to his busy schedule.

“I wanted to be apart of tour. But I’m finishin. Up my album and filmin a movie,” he said.

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  1. Chris Stevenson

    I need to get ahold of tyga im his cousin…im not looking him up for $ I just want him to know im his cousin . I rap too “imfamous” im from texas im Im in Hollywood right now I was at the basement club in san diego when he performed 2wks ago he looked at me as if he knew me before shaking my hand but never said anything too me. We didnt grow up together I was adoped to another family which is how I ended up in texas but If anyone can plz help us connect im putting my number up 619 831 5119 I am not paparazzi and again am not looking for $


    Not Tyga Reply:

    @Chris Stevenson, Hahahahahah yeah uh huh…


  2. Spaska Angelova

    Tyga album and filmin a movie


  3. Yodlaz Dex suriy

    What movie is tyga is film? And he won’t be miss from the tour


  4. Whitney

    I always wonder, who exactly is Tyga’s audience? Like I literally don’t know anyone, real life or online, that listens to him; but he is always putting out music and doing stuff. Can someone help me?


    B.Q Reply:

    @Whitney, I don’t think he has a lot of actual, real fans, but more like people who like some of his hits(“Rack City”, “Faded”, “Molly”, etc.). He has more deeper songs in some of his mixtapes and some not so popular songs from the other albums, but the people, who are interested in them, are few.


  5. chalkit2dagame

    @ Chris Stevenson
    Why would tyga even care to talk to you. He already has his boys and his niggas not to mention his own damn family. You just trying to get that free promotion and shit. How do you know you even cousins? SMH Sound worse than a bitch looking for dick.


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