Meek Mill Jailed for Probation Violation

Meek Mill

Meek Mill is back behind bars. The MMG rapper was sentenced to three to six months in jail for violating his probation.

According to TMZ, the 27-year-old was in a Philadelphia courtroom on Friday afternoon to face the judge for multiple parole violations stemming from a 2009 drug and gun conviction.

Prosecutors claim that Meek repeatedly scheduled concerts without pre-approval, and changed his cell number without telling them. He also reportedly bad mouthed the District Attorney on Twitter.

Meek and his lawyer tried for hours to convince the judge not to send him back to jail.

“Sir, I didn’t want to do this but you made me do this,” said Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Genece E. Brinkley. “After all the years I tried to get you on the right track.”

The hip-hop superstar said that his career has supported his family and friends, and placed his monthly expenses at $80,000 to $90,000.

“It took me 15 years to get here and this will be extremely damaging to my life,” Meek told the judge.

Sources in Meek’s crew tell TMZ that the District Attorney had a vendetta against him, and wanted to take him down because he has an album coming out.

His peers including DJ Mustard voiced their support. “Free my nigga @MeekMill they never wanna see a nigga from the streets make it the law and just the haters in general !!!” he tweeted.

Earlier this week, Meek announced a September 9 release date for his sophomore album Dreams Worth More Than Money.

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  1. Danni

    Black men love incarceration.


  2. Done With The Ignorance

    What kind of ignorant bs comment is that. Stereotyping is only a form of ignorance brought about by the lack of teaching by your parents and those before them.The system is designed to keep “black men” incarcerated. Dumb ass piece of excrement.


  3. Rozay-MMG

    Meek is one of my fave artist. Thats obvious lol, but I think the guy needs to take a look in the mirror. Your a superstar Meek get that monkeyness out of you. His DA might have a thing against him but I know for a fact this is mostly Meeks doing. Free my lil wo tho. MMG DWMTM in stores Sept. 9


  4. Oh

    Looks like he will be promoting that album he was bitching about from a jail cell. Wale is probably thinking that’s what he gets lmmfao


  5. Spaska Angelova

    I Like Meek


  6. Teecaxx

    Oh or Hoe; What ever you are called. You are such a freaking asswipe. Your ass comment doesn’t count. Stop hatinnnn, you re just a broke niccau.


    Oh Reply:

    @Teecaxx, fuck off its MY opinion bitch! Maybe he need to stay outta trouble still actin likke he a hood nigga walking around with thousands of dollas


  7. dodo

    Awesome. best news ever. Please lock up all these weak ass rappers.


  8. AJ




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