Justin Bieber Does the Shmoney Dance

Justin Bieber

From Beyoncé to Breezy, everyone’s doing the Shmoney Dance. Now Justin Bieber is taking part in the Vine sensation. Dressed in all black and shades, the “Confident” singer dances to Bobby Shmurda’s anthem “Hot Ni**a” while posted in the studio.

Bieber captioned the video: “shorty loves the way that i floss out.”

His friends Maejor Ali and Lil Za—armed with hand sanitizer—also join in on the Instagram fun.

How does Bizzle’s Shmoney Dance stack up to Breezy’s? Watch him in action.

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  1. pima



  2. KEN.

    Zaddy <3


  3. Justin Timberlake

    Dude sit your ass down and take notes from Usher stupid kid


  4. Major Sushi

    Stop this vanilla nigga!


  5. joey

    why is this news?


  6. Raven-Symone

    didnt za get arrested because of bieber?


  7. hilarybanxxx

    ok . . . and?


  8. azealiaaa

    lmao and he twerks here !!! sh.st/tytsQ



    That’s not the schmoney dance. Lmao he’s cute


  10. therealestevr

    adolf candyland bieber!


  11. Topgun



  12. CrackHo



  13. Redchainsaw

    This is why he makes ni**er jokes


  14. smh

    fuckin wigga


  15. Major Sushi

    this vanilla nigga


  16. EdgarC

    I’m embarrassed for him.


    Sway Reply:

    @EdgarC, Same here!


    HOVorJefe Reply:

    @Sway, I am too & I’m a fan.


  17. white chocolate

    he’s not doing the shmoney dance at all…take notes from somebody first


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