Rock Steady Crew Marks 31st Anniversary

B-boys and B-girls rejoice. The world famous Rock Steady Crew will celebrate their 31st anniversary with a historic four-day extravaganza, which kicks off today in New York City with the Celebrity Benefit Basketball Challenge, and wraps up on Sunday, July 27th with an outdoor concert at the 3rd Annual Lincoln Park Music Festival in Newark, NJ.

Since its inception in 1977, the Rock Steady Crew has upheld the vision of great breakdancers who have redefined modern dance and hip-hop art. Throughout their career, RSC has showcased their skills from the streets to Carnegie Hall to the Royal Variety Performance for the Queen of England.

“For some reason, hip-hop has that natural ability to bring people together and bridge the gaps that divide us because of our common interest,” said Rock Steady Crew’s president Crazy Legs. “When people come to the RSC anniversary, it becomes more than the anniversary. It’s a pilgrimage to the mecca of hip-hop. And what better time and place to do it than NYC in the summer time?”

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