Akon Idolizes the World’s Richest Man

Akon has a few role models and they have two things in common: they’re over 50 and they’ve got lots of money.

“I love [Donald] Trump and [Russell] Simmons,” Akon reveals in the Summer 2009 issue of Rap-Up. But there’s one mogul that stands above the rest. “My idol is Warren Buffett.”

Akon admires the 78-year-old billionaire because “he’s the richest man in the world.” [Buffett lost the title to Bill Gates this year.] The two had the chance to meet and actually perform together at a show in Los Angeles with Buffett’s son Peter last October.

The “Beautiful” singer made sure not to leave the man holding the No. 1 spot off his list. “Bill Gates too! With the Bill [& Melinda] Gates Foundation and all the incredible stuff they’ve done on the foundation side, I try to model my foundation, Konfidence, after that,” he says. “I always admire people like that, who actually make a lot of money and give the money back.”

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