Sean Kingston and Rihanna

Sean Kingston Writing for Rihanna

Sean Kingston is bringing his own island flavor to Rihanna’s new album. The Jamaican singer is writing for his friend from across the waters.

“Me and my producer Yankee, we cooking up some stuff,” Sean exclusively reveals to “Her people said we want some stuff for Rihanna ’cause I’m from Jamaica. I got the island feel, so I’m writing some stuff right now for her new album.”

The “Fire Burning” chart-topper admires his Barbados pal for staying true to her homeland after fame. “You know what I like about her? She’s never changed. Even when her music changed, she always represented for the Caribbean, always represented for Barbados,” he adds, “and that’s what Sean Kingston does. He represents for Jamaica. Anything I do, I always put Jamaica in there. You can’t leave where you’re coming from and I like that about her.”

Whenever the two run into each other, they always have something in common. “Every time we see each other, we talk in our accent. She’s funny. She’s dope. I like her.”

In addition to Rihanna, the 19-year-old is writing for Fantasia’s new album. Listen to Sean pen his own hits when his sophomore album Tomorrow arrives on September 22.