Ciara ‘At Her Best’ on New Album

After revealing that Ciara had quietly been in the studio with Tricky Stewart and The-Dream recording her fourth album, Rap-Up.com caught up with the super-producer to see what had transpired since he last spoke to us. Although the follow-up to this year’s Fantasy Ride won’t be released until next year, fans of Ciara’s debut album and slow jams like “Promise” will be happy to hear that she’s headed in a direction reminiscent of her earlier work. And if Tricky has his way, we may get to hear new music before the year is up.

You had recorded around 14 songs last time we spoke. Have you finished the album yet?
No. That record is not done though we want to be done soon. She’s been an absolute pleasure to work with on this album, so it’s been great.

How would you describe the sound this time around?
It’s just her returning back to her strongest form. It’s gonna be Ciara at her best. It’s gonna be indicative of how much people love that first album [Goodies] and how people love “Promise” and other records when she’s had those really serious connections.

You mentioned that The-Dream was the only artist featured on a song called “Speechless.” Did you add any more guests since?
We’re about to start getting into that. But no, there’s no other features that have been done yet.

Is the content deeper than the last record?
I would say she’s evolved. It’s evolving and it feels good.

Is the album coming this year?
No, it will be next year.

Will you have a first single out before the end of the year?
I’m pushing for it. I would love to have a single out.