New Music: R. Kelly - 'When a Woman Loves'

  /  08.24.2010

When a Woman Loves

Don’t be discouraged, ladies. Even though eccentric singer-songwriter R. Kelly sings about being head over heels for another gal on “When a Woman Loves,” it’s no reason to snub his Motown-inspired jam. The romantic tune, which was previously leaked to the internet, is the first official single off his upcoming album Love Letter, with the Chicago native crowing about his girlfriend forgiving him for screwing up. “She took me back after I broke my heart about a thousand times,” he sings over a languid guitar, pausing before the end of the song to wail acapella.

If Love Letter isn’t enough to satisfy your craving for more music from the Pied Piper, Kelly is also working on two other albums titled Zodiac and Epic, slated for release in the near future. Check out the new track and transport yourself back to the good ol’ days.

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