Videos: Keyshia Cole – ‘I Ain’t Thru’ f/ Nicki Minaj + ‘Long Way Down’

Keyshia Cole hit up “1O6 & Park” today to officially premiere a pair of Benny Boom-directed videos for the Nicki Minaj-assisted “I Ain’t Thru” and “Long Way Down” off her fourth album Calling All Hearts (Dec. 21). In “I Ain’t Thru,” Keysh and the Harajuku Barbie dress in their flyest gear, riding in a whip on the way to a downtown L.A. club where they party it up in the packed establishment.

For the sensual “Long Way Down,” the Oakland gal is ready to give up on her love life when a gentleman, played by her fiancé Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, comes out of nowhere and puts a smile on her face. Their budding romance is further captured on a date and in the bedroom, where she lets her guard down and embraces her man.

The new mom also visited the set to share her excitement over her new baby boy. “Having him is like the best thing ever because you go home and it’s so much better to go home and see him. He smiles and runs around the house. I’m really enjoying it,” said Keyshia, clad in a fur jacket, shorts over leggings, and white designer shoes.