Jessie J and Willow Smith

Willow Smith Gives Jessie J Whiplash

Willow Smith had everyone from Bruce Springsteen to “Sesame Street” characters whipping their hair last year. But the 10-year-old singer’s breakout hit left one famous fan with a neck injury.

Jessie J thinks Willow’s “Whip My Hair” should come with a warning after she ended up with whiplash. “They should put a leaflet inside the single so you don’t get 10 year olds with whiplash all over the world ’cause I know when I did it, it was really unexpected the pain I was in the next day,” the British singer-songwriter tells

Despite causing her unintended pain, Jessie has lots of love for little Willow. “She’s incredible. She’s in a league of her own and she’s got the coolest mum and dad in the world.”

The feeling seems to be mutual as Willow has called upon the “Do It Like a Dude” singer to write for her debut album. “I’ve been sent a beat that they want me to write to,” shares Jessie. “It’s one of those things where it may happen, it may not, but I’ll put an idea down and hope for the best.”