Odd Future

Odd Future Stirs Frenzy at Fashion Week Party [Video]

Golf Wang met Alexander Wang when Odd Future took the stage at the designer’s soirée during New York Fashion Week. A sober Tyler, the Creator and his drunk bandmates wreaked havoc at the frat party-themed event. No one in the fashionable crowd was safe as the rowdy bunch jumped into the audience and sprayed them with spit and vodka. For the finale, they performed “Bitch Suck Dick” off Tyler’s Goblin album, chanting “Alex Wang! Alex Wang!”

“Just Fucked Shit Up At The Alexander Wang Party Shit Was Fucking Sick!!! Those Fashion Ass Ni**as Went Crazy!!!” tweeted Tyler. “I Was Just Introduced To The Fashion World And They Were Introduced To OF World. To The Girl I Spit On In The Face, Hahahahaha!!!!”

[Photo via @WmagWill]