50 Cent

50 Cent Attends Festival Screening of ‘All Things Fall Apart’

50 Cent shared his latest passion project All Things Fall Apart with a select audience during the 15th Annual Urban World Film Festival in New York City on Friday (Sept. 16). The inspirational drama, co-starring Ray Liotta, was renamed after a dispute with Chinua Achebe, author of Nigeria’s most famous English-language novel Things Fall Apart. Despite offering a reported $1 million to retain the name, Fifty’s bid was rejected.

The rapper-turned-actor lost 54 pounds to play cancer-stricken football player Deon Barnes in the Mario Van Peebles-directed film, which opens in theaters in early 2012.

“My motivation for the project was my best friend, Charles Pringle,” 50 previously told Rap-Up.com. “He lived across the street from me; he actually died of cancer.”

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