Beyoncé and Tina Knowles

Beyoncé Makes Surprise Appearance at University of Houston

Beyoncé caused an uproar when she returned home to Houston for a surprise visit on Monday. The global superstar was in the audience as the University of Houston honored her mother Tina Knowles for her accomplishments as a mom, businesswoman, and philanthropist. The attention shifted as B took a seat to watch her mother get interviewed for the Friends of Women’s Studies Living Archives program.

Tina spoke about her new Miss Tina for Walmart apparel line, designing costumes for Destiny’s Child, and her dedication to her daughters. Beyoncé’s famous red carpet looks and her five Grammys from 2003 were on display.

It wasn’t long before word got out via Twitter that Beyoncé was in the building. Hundreds of students piled into UH’s M.D. Anderson Library and began chanting, “Beyoncé! Beyoncé!” B didn’t want to let the fanfare take away from her mom’s big day, but she stopped in the lobby later to wave to the students. “Wow, this is crazy how fast that happens,” she said. “Just one tweet.”

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