Taio Cruz

Video: Taio Cruz f/ Flo Rida – ‘Hangover’

Taio Cruz wakes up after a night of drunken escapades in his new video for “Hangover” inspired by the movie. The British singer has flashbacks of his wild evening, where he drove down Sunset Boulevard in a boat filled with hot chicks and partied on a plane with Flo Rida. Comedian Bobby Lee plays his crazy assistant, who dresses as a monkey and drinks from baby bottles.

“The general concept of the video is just full on madness,” explained Taio. “We have had the most insane party and no one really remembers what happened, so we have to have flashbacks to try and remind us as to what happened the night before.”

“Hangover” is the first single from Taio’s new album TY.O, due December 6.