Monica and Brandy

Monica and Brandy Plot Joint Tour

Music is not the only thing Brandy and Monica are collaborating on. Following the release of their first record in 14 years, the former rivals are eyeing a joint tour for the summer.

Monica shared the news during an interview with Hot 93.7’s Jenny Boom Boom. “We’re dedicated to a tour in the summer,” she revealed.

They’ve put aside their differences and recently shot a video for their Rico Love-produced single “It All Belongs to Me,” which will appear on both of their upcoming albums. “Looking back at it, it was so silly and so juvenile that we’re dedicated to this song in a different way,” said Monica.

While nothing has been finalized, they’re optimistic that the tour will come to fruition. “We’re working on that now and trying to find different sponsors and people that will get us in the cities we feel like we should be in, so it’s not just as easy as saying it, but we’re actually putting forth the effort to try and make sure it happens.”

When “The Boy Is Mine” was released in 1998, they were unable to enjoy their success together. “We’re dedicated to this song in a different way because now we’re old enough to know that there’s strength in unity and there’s strength in numbers, so us coming together is actually enjoyable now,” explained Mo. “We both have kids, we talk about them, we have a good time—we didn’t do that the first time. We never experienced ‘The Boy Is Mine.'”

Monica’s seventh album New Life is due April 10, while Brandy’s RCA/Chameleon Records debut is scheduled for a May release.