Ciara Dishes on New Album, Critics, & Collaborations

While we wait for her new single “Sorry,” Ciara sat down with Centric to discuss her upcoming album One Woman Army, how she deals with her haters, and the two artists she’d like to work with.

“I’m so excited about this record,” the singer told Claudia Jordan on “The Hot 10.” “[I’m] just really putting my heart into it, putting my soul into it, putting everything into it and just taking my time and it’s really fun.”

The album title was inspired by the record of the same name. “It really is the best way to represent what the body of work is,” said CiCi, who co-produced some tracks. “On One Woman Army, I talk about where I am and the things that I want as a woman and the things that I need.”

She describes her next single “Sorry” as a “very, very real record,” while the title track is more uptempo. “You can dance to it, but you’re also dancing to a real story, to my story,” she said.

No stranger to scrutiny, Ciara has learned to deal with the criticism. “I am my biggest critic and that opinion is the one that matters the most to me. That’s how I sleep and that’s how I rest my head. If you worried about every comment that someone said about you, you would lose your mind.”

As far as collaborations go, she would like to work with Lana Del Rey (“I like her swag”) and Pink (“I think Pink is super fly”).

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