Cassie and Diddy

Halloween Costume Roundup: Diddy, Cassie, Lil’ Kim, Jhené Aiko, Big Boi, & Fergie

Kanye and Kim weren’t the only ones masquerading this weekend. With just days to go before Halloween, some of music’s famous faces dressed in disguise to celebrate the holiday.

Royal couple Diddy and Cassie partied as Prince and Cleopatra at the Playboy Mansion. Big Boi tapped into his dark side as Darth Vader while hosting his annual Halloween bash in Atlanta. Lil’ Kim took the stage in a sexy bunny costume, while Christina Milian stole hearts as the Ace of Hearts.

Supermom Jhené Aiko leapt into action as Batgirl, dressing her daughter as Minnie Mouse. Fergie was hot in pink as Hollywood billboard queen Angelyne. Aubrey O’Day donned a feathery headdress and posed as a Native American princess. Estelle and Sevyn put on their capes and unleashed their superpowers as Superwoman and Storm from X-Men.

From sexy to silly to superheroes, check out our roundup of Halloween costumes.