Eminem and Skylar Grey

Video: Skylar Grey f/ Eminem – ‘C’mon Let Me Ride’

Skylar Grey is good at being bad in the naughty video for “C’mon Let Me Ride” featuring Eminem. The singer-songwriter sheds her dark image and shows a sexier side in the provocative clip, which was shot at a trailer park in Michigan. Skylar works up a sweat as a scantily-clad lumberjack, while Slim Shady makes a comical cameo.

“I can be really goofy and I know that a lot of people think I’m just dark and sad and melancholy all the time, but that’s just one huge part of me,” explained the Grammy-nominated Skylar. “I’m also really silly and I have a really dirty mind. I can’t help it. It just goes there.”

The video also carries a deeper message. “I’m kinda poking fun at the overly sexualized aspects of today’s culture and music and everything.”

“C’mon Let Me Ride” is the first single off Skylar’s KIDinaKORNER/Interscope debut Don’t Look Down. Eminem will executive produce the project, which is due next spring.