T.I. Talks Family, Trouble, and Chris Brown & Rihanna with Joy Behar

With five days to go until Trouble Man hits stores, T.I. stopped by Joy Behar’s Current TV show “Say Anything!” on the latest stop of his promo tour. During their sit-down interview, the King of the South spoke about his troubled past, his sons’ unusual names (Messiah and Domani), and what he thinks of Chris Brown and Rihanna’s reunion.

On comparisons between his family and “The Cosby Show’s” Huxtables: “I’m extremely honored and flattered by that. I just hope to do half as good.”

On how his family has responded to his run-ins with the law: “They support me and they know my heart is pure.”

On his past: “I’m not condoning or trying to bring any glamour to the fact that I went to prison, but I must acknowledge that I’m a whole lot more popular now… However, if I had to do it all again, I’d definitely give it all back.”

On Chris Brown and Rihanna’s reunion: “I think that’s their decision. I know they have a lot of genuine love for one another. I don’t think that either of them would leave the other, go somewhere else, and find someone that would make them as happy.”

On whether he would let his daughter date someone like Chris: “Absolutely not, but when my daughter’s grown, what can I say?”