Snoop Lion

Snoop Lion Debuts ‘No Guns Allowed’ on ‘Conan’

Snoop Lion spread a message of hope while debuting his new single “No Guns Allowed” on “Conan.” The former gangsta rapper was joined by his daughter Cori B. and some young backup singers as he performed the peaceful record, which was inspired by recent tragedies.

“I just felt like I had got to the point in my career and my life where I didn’t need guns in my life because I didn’t project that energy,” he told Piers Morgan. “I felt like I was positive and peaceful. At the same time, I kept hearing about all these school shootings and these people getting guns in their hands and not knowing what to do with them and just going on a rampage, so it really touched me and affected me to where I wanted to say something.”

The song, which also features Drake, will appear on Snoop’s reggae album Reincarnated, due April 23.

Watch Snoop perform and chat with Conan about Twitter, manicures, and his many business ventures.