Wale Soul Searches, Jokes with Jerry Seinfeld in ‘The Album About Nothing’ Trailer

Wale looks back on the past as he prepares to move forward with his fourth LP The Album About Nothing.

In the three-minute trailer, the D.C. rapper addresses the headlines over the past year including his beef with his MMG labelmate Meek Mill, punching a heckler in the face at a WWE event, and his heated phone call to Complex after they didn’t include him on their best of 2013 list.

“I’ve been doing a good amount of soul searching and I feel like I’m on an emotional roller coaster these days. And honestly ya’ll, sometimes I feel like I’ve lost it all,” admits Wale.

He asks, “Where did I lose myself? Where did I lose them? Was it the money? Was it the women? Was it the fast life?”

The clip ends with him in the studio with Jerry Seinfeld, recording for The Album About Nothing.