Love 'Em All

New Music: K. Michelle – ‘Love ‘Em All’

A year after releasing her debut album Rebellious Soul, K. Michelle is back and breaking hearts with her rousing single “Love ‘Em All.” The powerhouse diva flips the tables—and her sound—on the big pop-rock ballad.

“I broke another heart today / And I didn’t care, I just walked away / ‘Cause they think I love ’em, but I love ’em all,” she sings over the sound of pounding drums.

The “Love & Hip Hop” star is putting the finishing touches on her sophomore album, which will feature Eric Hudson, Pop & Oak, Timothy Bloom, and a surprise country duet.

“My second album is absolutely amazingly scary good, juicy, yummy,” she told Rap-Up TV. “I wanted people to know that I am a musician. This album is so musical. I feel like it’s so ahead of its time.”

She plans to release the second single, “Maybe I Should Call,” in the next two weeks, and previewed the song during an online listening session for fans.

Hear her heartbreaker anthem below.