Common Shares Jay Z’s Reaction to His Oscar Win

Just days after his win for Original Song at the Academy Awards, Common continued his victory tour with a visit to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Thursday. With his Oscar in hand, the “Glory” rapper revealed what Jay Z told him following his big win.

“Jay Z told me don’t put it down though. He said, ‘Carry it everywhere,'” said Common.

He caught up with Hov at the after-parties. “He just was really proud. He said something to me that really touched me,” said Common. “He felt that I represented all of us. People from hip-hop, as black men, as people of love, children of God, he felt that John [Legend] and I were representing that with this Academy Award.”

Common also spoke about leaving Oprah hanging at the Oscars. He wasn’t sure if her high five was meant for him or John Legend. “We talked the next day and it was like, ‘I wasn’t trying to play you out,'” he said.

Plus, he reminisced about another prized possession of his, a pair of Air Jordans that Michael Jordan signed. “They are very valuable,” said Common, who was a ball boy for MJ and the Chicago Bulls.