Video: Wale – ‘The White Shoes’

On the eve of his album release, Wale unboxes the video for “The White Shoes.” The cinematic clip stars a young kid who keeps getting picked on for his dirty white sneakers. So he works odds job to raise money so he can buy himself a pair of new kicks from Wale, who works at the sneaker shop.

Once he puts them on, he feels brand new and people look at him differently. But it doesn’t last for long and he’s brutally beaten and robbed for his sneakers by some jealous guys, while Wale reads about it in the newspaper.

“If they gonna judge you for life / Say we can’t always be fly / We gon’ be good long as them sneakers white”

The video ends with Wale taking to the streets to pay tribute to him and celebrate with his fans.

Wale’s fourth LP The Album About Nothing arrives tomorrow featuring Usher, J. Cole, Jeremih, and SZA.