Kid Cudi

New Music: Kid Cudi feat. Pharrell – ‘Surfin”

As a consolation for his now-delayed album Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin’, Kid Cudi unleashes a pair of singles — “Frequency” and “Surfin'” — both available via Apple Music.

“Frequency,” which first dropped back in March, is an ode to “curiosity.” “Couple girls, couple stories, and a couple ‘shrooms,” he sings with an Auto-Tuned pitch. “Couple girls make a ni**a feel less alone.”

Riding onto the next track, “Surfin'” featuring Pharrell Williams is an anthem about individuality over soaring horns. “I ain’t got no waves,” Cudi sings confidently. “Too busy makin’ my own waves, baby / I ain’t ridin’ no waves / Too busy makin’ my own waves, baby / Surfin’ on my own wave.”

“Frequency” and “Surfin'” are the opening and closing tracks on Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin’ respectively, but for now, the rest of the LP is on hold. Yesterday, Cudder announced that the album would be pushed back “due to some minor sample clearances” that are “still being finalized.”

The album, as it was announced, features Willow Smith and Travis Scott, as well as two cuts apiece with Skateboard P and André 3000.