New Music: $ilk Money feat. André 3000 – ‘Decemba (Remix)’

Finishing off Septemba, André 3000 teams up with $ilk Money for a remix to “Decemba.”

Things get raunchy on the track, as Mr. Benjamin tells a story about his one-night encounter with a law enforcement official.

“The deputy spoke in a flirty tone,” he raps. “Dirty songs / She knew ’em all / She let me escape.”

And afterwards, 3 Stacks flexes “Da Art of Storytelling” to talk about their lovemaking and his demise. “I got my nut off,” he rhymes. “So there’ll be a part 2.”

The remix may be a surprise to some, but 3 Stacks even surprised the Divine Council crew’s Silk Money when they first met.

“I remember when we first met André,” he told Rolling Stone. “That shit blew the fuck out my mind. I didn’t know who the fuck this ni**a was. I was like, ‘This ni**a look just like André 3000.’ And it deadass was André 3000. He was like, ‘What’s up? I’m big fans of y’all.’ I was like, ‘We big fans of you!’ He sat next to us eating tomato soup and shit. That ni**a flew from Texas to New York just to see us perform. He was saying how we remind him of OutKast because he ain’t never heard anything like us. And I was blown away.”

Dre has been busy of late. In recent months, the ATLien has collaborated with Frank Ocean (“Solo Reprise”) and Travis Scott (“The Ends”). Plus, he’s got two guest spots on Kid Cudi’s now-delayed album Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’.

Listen to “Decemba” below.