Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks Backs Out of RZA Deal, Vows No Future Negativity

Azealia Banks is making major career changes.

The often controversial rapper has announced that she will not be involved in any negative headlines moving forward and she’s also reportedly cut ties with RZA.

In a statement on her now-private Instagram account, Banks revealed that recent “rough” days have made her realize a change is necessary.

“Somewhere along the way I got sucked into this neverending war with the media that I quite honestly don’t have the energy, patience or care to keep fighting,” she wrote. “I GIVE UP! And I give in. I love you all tremendously. If you would all please join me in spreading the hashtag #makeazealiagreatagain On all of your AB related posts and comments.”

Banks’ post comes after her confrontation with Russell Crowe. Witnesses say she became belligerent and erratic at the dinner party, at one point reaching for a glass and cocking it back before being tossed out by the Oscar-winning leading man.

Banks, meanwhile, claims Crowe assaulted her and called her the n-word before removing her from the hotel room where the dinner was taking place.

RZA invited Banks to Crowe’s event as the rapper-producer was in talks to sign her to his label. However, TMZ reports that the Slay-Z rapper has called off the signing after RZA failed to come to her aid during the Crowe confrontation.

For his part, RZA’s camp reportedly claims Banks is “full of it” and that she was in the wrong at Crowe’s party.

Banks is expected to make a statement about the deal later today, as per Billboard.