New Music: T-Pain feat. Lil Yachty – ‘Dan Bilzerian’

T-Pain is sailing with Lil Yachty on his new self-produced single “Dan Bilzerian.”

The track, which also acts as an ode to poker player and social media influencer Dan Bilzerian, allows Teddy P to rhyme about his own wealth.

“I can pull up on you with a million bucks,” he raps. “Bitch, I’m with the squad / We got a million trucks / Because you don’t see me don’t mean I ain’t moving / I be in the dark with the semi tucked.”

After Pain rhymes about getting 10 Brazilians like Dan Bilzerian, Lil Boat comes through with his trademark sing-songy flow to compare himself to Michael Jackson.

“I might be the first teenager to reach a trillion,” sings the 19-year-old. “Bitch, I’m rich as fuck / I don’t need your love / I got powers in my beads like Mike with his glove.”

“Dan Bilzerian” is expected to land on the long-awaited Stoicville: The Phoenix, which has been anticipated for more than a year.

Set sail with Pain and Yachty below.