Video: Jeezy - 'Goldmine'

  /  10.27.2016

Get ready for a snowstorm. Before unleashing his new album Trap or Die 3, Jeezy drops the street-filmed clip for “Goldmine.”

Rolling in classic whips, Jizzle hits the streets with his friends, going from Finga Licking to G-Five.

“Said he loved his hood ’cause it’s a goldmine,” he raps. “Said he loved his block because it’s a goldmine…He said he’d never leave and it’s a goldmine.”

With a Styrofoam cup, Jeezy finishes the video off dancing with a crowd in a parking lot. The celebratory ending is fitting on the eve of Trap or Die 3, which is hours away from release.

Watch “Goldmine” below.

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