Lupe Fiasco

New Music: Lupe Fiasco feat. Gizzle – ‘Jump’

Lupe Fiasco gets his Slick Rick on, sharing “The Art of Storytelling” on his new Gizzle-assisted release “Jump” off his Drogas Light album.

Over a slapping instrumental, Fiasco introduces listeners to Suzie Uzi. Played by Gizzle, the character is a crack-peddling killer who asks Lupe to ghostwrite for her at gunpoint.

On their way to make music, a gunfight breaks out with some shooters on the highway. While trying to get away, however, Lupe and Suzie are abducted by aliens. After getting a lap dance in Saturn, Suzie Uzi breaks into a rhyme of her own, making Fiasco wonder why she needed him to ghostwrite in the first place.

“First thing’s gon’ be first,” he tells her. “When we get back to that Earth / I’ma go back to them raps and you can go back to that work.”

Premiered as a “World Record” on Beats 1, Fiasco’s “Jump” is the latest release off Drogas Light. Featuring Ty Dolla $ign, Rick Ross, Big K.R.I.T., and more, the new album is set to arrive Feb. 10.

Take a ride through strip clubs in space with Fiasco and Gizzle below.