Dave East

Dave East Mocks Soulja Boy in ‘Push It (Eastmix)’ Video

Dave East is the latest rapper to have a little fun at Soulja Boy’s expense. The Def Jam/Mass Appeal rapper mocks Young Draco in the music video for “Push It (Eastmix),” a remix of O.T. Genasis’ smash “Push It.”

To start, Dave recreates Soulja’s now-infamous street encounter. “They tried to say Big East ain’t good in the ‘hood,” he says, smiling. Next, he’s shoved away and the clip begins.

The video itself finds East amongst friends on a snowy evening. Drinking Hennessy, smoking, and dancing outside of a bodega, the New York spitter doesn’t seem to mind the cold weather.

And just as the video ends, a group of East’s friends have more fun with the #SouljaBoyChallenge, as one tells the story of a home invasion gone awry.

“Ni**a came through with the mask on,” he says. “I had to pull out the big Draco, like pew, pew. Ni**a fell on the floor. I pulled the mask off. I knew this ni**a, cuz. Had to hit him with the big Draco again like pew, pew!”

Earlier today, Mike Tyson made light of Soulja in the video for his diss track “If You Show Up.” This month, Joe Budden and Lil Yachty also mocked Draco with the #SouljaBoyChallenge.