Boosie Badazz

Boosie Badazz Accuses Cops of Stealing $1 Million in Jewelry

Shortly after announcing his forthcoming Tupac Shakur-inspired album BooPac, Boosie Badazz finds himself in a beef with police.

The Baton Rouge rapper is accusing law enforcement officials of stealing $1 million worth of jewelry from him after kicking him and his loved ones out of a mall in Biloxi.

Videos of the incident were released on social media. Shortly afterwards, Boosie responded to his critics by sharing his side of the story.

“The security [guard] came up to me,” Boosie explained. “[He] said, ‘Boy, get out my damn mall, boy.’ I said, ‘Alright. He racist. We gotta go, man.’ My niece was walking the wrong way. He said, ‘You walking the wrong way.’ She said, ‘I don’t want to walk this way and get trampled over.’ He sprayed her. She’s six months pregnant with twins. My boy asked, ‘Why’d you spray her?’ He sprayed him and told him, ‘I got you in your mouth.'”

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Later, Boosie said that the security guard followed them and sprayed them again on their way out of the mall. “That was some racist ass shit,” he added. “If that was any white singer, you think they would have sprayed them?”

Eventually, Boosie says that police arrested a couple of his “partners.” That’s when he says the cops stole a sack of jewelry from him. “This shit is big, man,” he added. “Now, these cops are trying to steal a million dollars of jewelry ’cause the security got caught outside. Cash me ousside, how ’bout dat? Now you wanna steal a million dollars worth of jewelry from me, but I’ma fight for mine. It’s on. You don’t know who you fuckin’ with. It’s on.”

In all, five people were reportedly arrested for attacking the security guard and a police officer. The Biloxi Police Department also denies taking the jewelry, according to TMZ.

Nevertheless, Boosie quickly hit the studio for “Fuck the Police x10,” a vicious diss track aimed at all cops. “Damn police,” he raps. “Are you afraid? What have you been taught at the academy? To be afraid?” Later, he adds: “Pussy bitches, I hope you rot in hell / Hope you get fucked in that cell / Motherfuck the 12 / You pussy bitches / Look how they do us ni**as / Then wanna act like we wrong when we shoot them bitches.”

Listen to “Fuck the Police x10” below.