Watch Drake’s Hilarious Cameo in ‘T-Dot Goon Scrap DVD’ Sketch

Drake puts on for his city in the latest episode of 4YallEntertainment’s “T-Dot Goon Scrap DVD.” Over the weekend, Drizzy popped up in the sketch comedy sequel to a December 2016 clip, which was sampled on More Life’s “Madiba Riddim.”

The new clip finds Drake sitting with “T-DOT Goon Scrap DVD’s” Trey and Jae Richards. After hilariously reflecting on the DVD’s legacy in the city, the 6 God offers praise in a blend of Caribbean patois and T. Dot lingo.

“When man dem are doing their ting, you always have to support,” he said. But then, things take a violent turn when Drake offers his honest opinion about the DVD.

“Tree out of 10, for sure,” he says. “Siskel & Ebert ting, dog, truss me.” When the guys get upset with his low rating, Drake responds adamantly. “It’s a tree, though, bro! It’s a tree, no forest!”

Frequent Drake collaborator Boi-1da also appears in the DVD. “T-Dot Goon Scrap DVD is blessed, bro,” he says, before getting into a minor altercation of his own.

A brief portion of the original “Goon Scrap DVD” clip is featured at the end of More Life’s “Madiba Riddim.”

Drizzy’s love for 4YallEntertainment goes beyond the “Goon Scrap” series. Back in December 2014, he shared another one of their sketches — “Any Song Drake Touches Is Hot” — which jokes about the reaction fans have to any and every 6 God track.