Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Reveals His 3 Favorite Rappers

  /  05.17.2017

Before releasing his newest album Neva Left on Friday (May 19), Snoop Dogg provided a hip-hop history lesson on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

During his appearance on Tuesday (May 16), Tha Doggfather named his favorite MCs of all time—Slick Rick, Ice Cube, and himself. But he also took time to share a funny story about another legendary rapper, Tupac Shakur.

“We went to some island somewhere in South America,” he said. “I had just won my murder case and he had just bailed out, so we wanted to go somewhere just to get away. Suge [Knight] took us parasailing and we didn’t know what parasailing was. We was just riding on a boat sitting next to each other and then all of a sudden, we start flying in the air, and the boat starts separating from us, then they dropped us in the water. We was like, ‘Hold on, man. There could be sharks or anything down here. Get us back up.’ They just kept playing games with us, but once we got out, it was fun to look back at it.”

Although the interview was full of laughter, Snoop got serious for a moment, when he revealed a surprise for Kimmel, whose newborn son recently underwent open-heart surgery at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

“I seen you speak on your son, as far as his health,” said Snoop. “What I wanted to do was, I wanted to come out here and make a donation to the hospital that helped your son. We just want to make sure that we looking out for the next kid that may need that help.”

S-N-Double-O-P also hit the stage as part of Kimmel’s Mercedes-Benz Concert Series. Joined by four twerking dancers, Daz Dillinger, and a live band, the Long Beach legend launched into “Trash Bags,” the K CAMP-assisted strip club anthem off Neva Left, which drops Friday (May 19).

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