Man Arrested for Trespassing at Rihanna’s Apartment Building

A man was arrested and booked for criminal trespassing at a New York City apartment building where Rihanna lives.

E! News reports that 33-year-old Salmir Feratovic was previously warned not to return to the building. When he came back on Tuesday (May 23), the man was booked.

Law enforcement officials didn’t mention Rihanna, but the article notes that a man by the same name left a comment on a March 2017 Facebook post about Rihanna that read: “Why she is not with me?”

A man with the same name also responded to a Puma tweet by asking Rihanna to call him back in February of last year. In September, the Twitter user also posted a variety of bizarre tweets about Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Nicki Minaj.

“I have kids with Rihanna fenty,Nicky minay and beyonse,” he tweeted. “I love you my kids you are team ! Rihanna fenty ,Nicky minay ,beyonse are my womens,I want my kids on TV vith you!”

Feratovic reportedly has multiple priors, including a criminal trespassing arrest at the same apartment building in May of 2016.