Meek Mill Opens Up About Drake, Nicki Minaj, & Safaree

  /  07.21.2017

Hot off the release of Wins & Losses, Meek Mill is opening up about his triumphs and pitfalls in a revealing new interview. Sitting down with Hot 97, the Dreamchasers MC addressed a series of ups and downs, including his regrets regarding his falling out with Drake.

“I was out of control at that point, the way I was coming at everybody,” he explained. “I offended a lot of people at that point. The way I was talking, the stuff I said, we had little things that I ain’t really agree with and I ain’t feel. When I’m off the shits, I’m off the shits and coming a thousand miles an hour. I don’t give a fuck about nobody, how I was coming. As a person now, when I’m not like that, it’s a whole different…The way I handle things, I think I could have approached things better, but it is what it is.”

According to Meek, there is a chance for the arch rivals to squash their beef. “We’ve been in that position before, where we was supposed to be on the phone, put in front of each other,” he said. “Let it be natural. Nobody can fix this but me or him.”

During the wide-ranging conversation, the Philadelphia MC also spoke about Nicki Minaj, Safaree, and his alleged involvement with Remy Ma’s “shETHER.” Watch the full interview below and see additional quotes from the conversation below.

On Remy Ma’s “shETHER”: “She put me on blast too. By the way, I never told that to Remy. If she ever do an interview, she probably will tell you that herself. I just was participating in all the bullshit because, when I’m in bullshit, everybody participating in that too. I don’t really give a fuck. It ain’t really about nothing. Fun and games.”

On Safaree: “I ain’t really handle him like that. He got manhandled on his own time, but at the same time, a lot of people be forgetting. A lot of people be on the internet, getting at me a certain way. I come from the jungle rules…I ain’t really got no issue with him. I’m off all that. But nobody is excused from this. Especially if we know each other, when you get to typing and you disrespecting people, you gotta remember, one day, if you don’t see him next week, you might see him next month. You might see him next year or ten years from now. Ain’t no telling how that’s gonna go.”

On Nicki Minaj & Safaree: “I’m done. I’m out of that situation with the girl. What I’ma do? I ain’t got no problem with him. But for everybody else, too, when you get up in that, just remember, there’s a certain way. I’m from Philly. We handle things a certain type of way. Things go certain ways. Philly people be moving a certain type of way.”

On Drugs: “I was on lean. I was on that shit Future be talking. I was sipping lean, doing percs and all that. I was going a little bit. I don’t be doing that no more. I’m getting high and escaping my reality. I had dreams of making a million dollars and being in this amongst all the celebs and hustling and being in the game. You high everyday, you just escaping reality. What am I running from?”

On Influence: “I got some of the most influence on the game. Nobody wasn’t wearing Puma. Before Puma had Kylie Jenner and Rihanna, and all that, somebody had to beg me to take a Puma deal. They was offering a million dollars…I wanted Nike. I wanted to wear Reebok. Something that I could wear. A few years later, everybody got that now. I know what I offer to the game.”

On Wale: “Me and him have a lot of little behind-the-door problems. Wale be on his own times sometimes. I be on my own time too. Sometimes, it build up. I’m off that drink and shit. I’m coming zero to one hundred, real quick. With that, putting anything with your friends in the public is wrong, period.”


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